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Send a check payable to ‘Wycliffe Bible Translators’ and a separate note stating:

Preference for the Wycliffe ministry of Todd & Cathy Lindley 279488” and mail to:

Wycliffe Bible Translators

PO Box 628200

Orlando, FL 32862

2 thoughts on “Partner With Us:

  1. Todd / Kathy – I am the administrative pastor at Community Chapel – Marty. We are looking for ways to connect our people with ministry partners – like you. We run a video loop each Sunday in our lobby with a collection of 10 – 15 second picture / text updates on a variety of things. So – If you have a specific pic or couple lines of text that you want to pass along please email them to me. The loop is short (~3 min) so individual clips repeat 75 – 80 times in a morning. It’s not much but we’re hoping that regular updates & pics will help people connect personally. Right now I am using a family pic from your website with “Prepping for Papua” and your url. If that isn’t lame enough to draw you in I don’t know what is :). Blessings – Marty

    • Marty,

      Thank you! We so appreciate the support & prayers from people. It’s amazing how many Sundays (years, if I’m being honest) I sat in services thinking about missionaries who were in “uttermost-i-stan” (LOL) and thought “wow, really? why them? do my prayers even matter there, God?”. Well, i was obviously short on faith and trust and I can now CONFIDENTLY declare “YES!” they matter! (: So, again, thank you!

      Try this picture (I hope the url works, I copied it from one of my facebook posts):
      It was taken on our first Sunday in PNG during our recent Orientation Course which was held on the coast in Madang, PNG. We’re now up in the Eastern Highlands for the next 2+ years in a community of approx. 1,000 people mixed together of ex-pats (peeps NOT from PNG) and PNG’ers. I work in the Store in this community, called Ukarumpa (Ooh-kuh-rum-puh). And, yes, if it reminds you of a Seussian reference or sounds like something from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (think “oompaloompas) you’re not alone. We call it Uka (Ooh-kuh) for short. (:

      As far as any verbiage: please let people know we value their prayers and support as we transition to life in a new country, culture, and as I (tOdd) seek to use a new language on a daily basis. The language is called Tok Pisin (a Melanesian Pidgin trade language used throughout PNG). Don’t confuse it with Hawaiian pidgin (; . Also, yes! Our website would be a great contact point for people if they happen to catch it. If you need–or could use–more pics, etc. please holler at us at: t-c . lindley @ sil . org . pg (WITHOUT all the extra spaces, of course) and we’ll hook you up with more (;

      Thanks again Marty!

      ps–please tell Mark I said ‘wussup?’ (:
      pss-I’ll seek to email the above info to your email, too, just to be good and redundant, hehe

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