Drew, Alyssa and Cathy

Resting on the bench in front of Daddy’s store and enjoying a sweet candy treat.

Alyssa after pony ride

Alyssa had a guided pony ride but it didn’t quite satisfy her desires. She wants to be the one holding the rope.


alyssa and a horse

Pony club won’t be available for Alyssa to join until some time after July. She is very excited to learn to ride.


We found these voluntarily growing in our backyard. Year round sunshine makes for easy gardening.


View of the school from up on a hill.

On the way to a friend's

Walking to a friend’s house. This building used to be a Children’s Home but is now being used as a private residence.

inside the post office

Send us a letter. SIL Box 1 (53), Ukarumpa, EHP 444, Papua New Guinea (:

post office

Post Office

Todd's store

This is the Store where Todd works.


School playground. The K-2 classes are in the background.


Outdoor gym for recess and PE

Admin building

This is the school office. Covered pathways connect the school to keep everyone dry from the rain.

5th grade classroom

This is part of the primary school. Andrew’s class is in this building and the third grade class is across the pathway.

rain tank

Rain water is collected from the roof of the house and held in this large tank for drinking and washing dishes and clothes. We also have river water that is pumped into the house to flush toilets and take showers.

solar panel on house

Solar panels on our house make it possible to have hot water, but if you want a really hot shower, you have to take it at night after the sun has been up all day.

monument at impact park

The park is called Impact Park because of this monument. We are guessing it comes from WWII but no one has been able to tell us what it is (UPDATE: Not from WWII, simply Uka lore passed on…apparently it was simply from the son of the first man who lived on that property and his son was just having fun and experimenting with concrete, etc.) :o)

park with house in the background

This is the park across the road from our house. You can see our house in the background. Todd walks through this everyday on the way to work.

our house

This is the house we are staying in for the next 6 weeks or so and then we will move into a house that we can stay in for 14 months.

















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