Your Love Will Surely Come Find Us [2018]

*This was a video tOdd envisioned over a year ago after having attended the Kasua New Testament Bible dedication in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea (October 2017). Everything from the concept to the content (e.g. song choice, on-screen wording and visual sequence arrangement) and in conjunction with the amazingly talented Trostle Films, it has been a privilege to see it come together.


Store Tour (Because Of You – 2017)

*See the Store like never before! (:  Where tOdd managed day-to-day operations from 2012-2017.


Christafari Recap (Our God – 2016)

*The Billboard chart-topping Jesus-loving reggae band, Christafari, visited us in Ukarumpa, PNG for a few days in early October 2016 and a great and blessed time was had! I (tOdd) had the opportunity to serve as Promoter for this event/show. A lot of work but a lot of gratifying fun!


Yumi Olgeta (Lae In A Day) [2015]

*this fun little ditty resulted from one of my (tOdd) first trips to Lae with my Assistant Manager, Nathan (Papua New Guinean), as we journeyed the three bumpy hours from our Highlands base of Ukarumpa down to the coastal port town of Lae.
*“Yumi Olgeta” is Tok Pisin (pidgin) for “All of us”.
*“Morobe” (might sound like ‘moda-bay’ in this recording) is the province (state) where Lae is and also the home province of Nathan. Basically saying “Let’s all go to Morobe!” [cue party/dance music] (;
*We used a simple app on my iPhone4 called ‘Songify’ for the background track/music. Fun way to learn language! 🙂


Bridges [2014]

*video fun fact #1: the first 24 seconds of the video are shots of our hometown of Portland, Oregon (USA), which is oft referred to as “Bridge City” (and for good reason).
*video fun fact #2: check out what lands on tOdd’s right shoulder near the end of the video (3:55).
*video fun fact #3: at the 2:18-2:23 portion of the video the first bridge picture to come up and land on the lower right of the screen is the main bridge closest to our Center that actually collapsed this past August–AFTER we had created the video. A new one has already been constructed–thank You, Lord!
*video NEED fact #1: WE NEED TEACHERS (2:38-3:19)
*video NEED fact #2: WE NEED CHILDREN’S HOME PARENTS (3:20-3:28)!!!


Bread of Life Sale [2014; The PNG Experience]

*See what we did as a way to connect and communicate what we do daily in the Store as it pertains to supporting the work of Bible translation in Papua New Guinea and the celebration and excitement we all feel when a new Bible translation comes to our loading dock.

Ultimately, we desire to celebrate Life as given by our King, which is Jesus–the Bread of Life (John 6:48).


Plight of the Muna Bug [2012]


Remembrance Day 2012 (To Onamuna) [2012]


Here I Am [2012]


Home In Uka (Drew/Lyssa – 2012)


Our Village Living [2012]


Pacific Orientation Course (POC) January 2012 – Madang, Papua New Guinea [2012]


Alyssa Climbing down a Buai (boo-eye) tree in PNG. March, 2012


Drew and Alyssa swimming in Cairns, Australia in the rain. January 21, 2012


Just The Right Bible [2010]
Check out our video that “started it all” for us!


Listen & watch below to Grace Fabian share at our March 2011 ‘halfway there’ Celebration Dessert. Her story begins at the 27:55 point. Powerful and pure. (***SORRY, DISCONTINUED AS BIG BUSINESS BUY-OUTS [SONY] HAVE REMOVED THIS LINK. SAD FACE. I’M BUMMED BECAUSE I NEVER GRABBED A COPY OF IT. WAS GOOD STUFF! HERE AT LEAST IS A STILL PIC OF THAT NIGHT AS POSTED ON TODD’S FACEBOOK ACCOUNT.***)


2 Responses

  1. It is good to hear from you and I have enjoyed your videos. Thank you

    • Donna,
      Thank You! I’m glad you liked the videos, it is my hope/intent they give some sort of glimpse into what we’re doing, where we are, and who we get to work with. Thank YOU for your support! (:

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