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New Term, New School Year…New Job?!?

Read it here (click image to enlarge) –

October 2017 newsletter screen shot


Newsletter time!

A new March 2017 Newsletter.

Enjoy. I know you will. (;

March 17 n'letter jpg for fb

The First Time

New newsletter here.


(pc: Torie Hoopii)



A Newsletter. Yeah, we do those sometimes.

Check it out here. Smile.


A Great Week

Our family and the Carey’s with our Global Outreach (Missions) Pastor and his wife, Jonathan & Janie, as they depart after spending one week with us in Papua New Guinea. A fantastic time of breaking bread (meals), travel (adventure), storying (conversation) and encouraging and leaning into one another (edifying).

26 February, 2016, 7AM, Aiyura Airstrip (SIL Aviation)




Store Team Picture (& Purpose)

Store Staff - 8 Dec., 2015

New uniforms call for a new, updated Store & Shipping Staff photo. Smile.

Ever wondered or thought “What does a Store have to do with translating the Bible?

Well, you first must know what all of us (Aviation, Clinic, School, IT, Print Shop, Training Center, Language Resources, Construction, Auto-Shop, etc.) do here collectively, and that is essentially:

To see Papua New Guinea empowered by the Written Word and, as a result, seeing Papua New Guineans knowing and living God’s Word, leading to changed lives and transformed communities.

That said, here is our Store purpose in a nutshell:

“The Store exists to further the work of Bible translation in Papua New Guinea by providing members with the necessary supplies to live and work during their time in Ukarumpa or remotely in a village–and to do so with as little interruption as possible.”

From the Store and Shipping Departments to you and yours–Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


ps–with many thanks: photo taken by Mike Matheson (December 8, 2015)

“Sometimes I Feel Lucky…”

Here is our latest news, linked below. Thanks for your prayers!

February 2015 newsletter