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Manager, Teacher, Wycliffe, SIL, Papua New Guinea (from January 2012 - June 2021), music, parenting, family. The journey toward Bible Translation for every language (over 7,000) in the world! Eradicating Bible poverty one verse at a time.

Story Time – tOdd’s testimony + our journey toward Papua New Guinea and ‘overseas living’ in podcast form (let’s call it a tOddcast, haha)

Part 2 coming soon (this time also with Cathy) where we’ll share about our time and experiences (and take-aways) overseas!

But for now here is part 1 from the new podcast from our home/sending church, Good Shepherd Community Church (and where tOdd is currently on staff), called The Sheep Shed podcast!

ps–the podcast derives its name from the land where the church currently sits as it was previously farmland over 4 decades ago and had for a little while a small farm structure on the property even after the new church building opened that simply read “The Sheep Shed”…and now you know (o: