VIDEO – “Bridges”

We are excited to show you our new video! It is titled “Bridges“.

Its purpose is to give you, the viewer, more insight into the ‘what’ as to where God has placed us over the past nearly three years. There are many roles at play in ridding our world of a reality devoid of God’s Word (#endbiblelessness #eradicatingbiblepoverty).

Ours? Store Manager and Teacher/Learning Specialist.

Like I said, many roles. 🙂

Have you ever considered what part you might play if given the opportunity to serve overseas?

Perhaps you’re already serving via the various expressions of support (prayer, financial giving, campaigning/advocating, etc.) that are needed in order to make the work we and many others do possible. If so, THANK YOU!

If you’re wondering what roles are currently needed, find out here. Who knows, maybe your role is there.

Jesus, the greatest Bridge…

*video fun fact #1: the first 24 seconds of the video are shots of our hometown of Portland, Oregon (USA), which is oft referred to as “Bridge City” (and for good reason).
*video fun fact #2: check out what lands on tOdd’s right shoulder near the end of the video (3:55)?
*video fun fact #3: at the 2:18-2:23 portion of the video the first bridge picture to come up and land on the lower right of the screen is the bridge closest to our Center that actually collapsed this past August–AFTER we had created the video. A new one has already been constructed–thank You, Lord!
*video NEED fact #1: WE NEED TEACHERS (2:38-3:19)
*video NEED fact #2: WE NEED CHILDREN’S HOME PARENTS (3:20-3:28)!!!


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