“An Invitation To All…”

It has been said that “An invitation to all is an invitation to no one”.

Well…consider this a personal invite from me to you–yes YOU! 🙂

Thank you for your partnership in our ministry efforts with Wycliffe as we support the work of Bible translation for the millions still waiting. Each gift to our Wycliffe ministry provides the foundation we need to continue our support work with Wycliffe in Papua New Guinea.

We need our monthly expenditures to be covered at 100% before Wycliffe releases us to head back to Papua New Guinea (for those in the US wondering what that means, it’s not too different to a radio stations “pledge drive”). In addition, we have a large one-time expense amount that needs to be raised, too. Currently, we’re near 80% of our monthly costs and 0% of our one-time. Thanks for your prayers!

Thank you for your varying expressions of support of our ministry in Papua New Guinea over the past 4 years.

Ending biblelessness, together.

Click this link or our NEW FAMILY picture below, to give.

2014 FAM PIC

 (ps–that new video I’ve talked about the past few months really is coming soon–I promise!) 😉


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