Love In Every Language or…?

A few years ago I wrote a few words down. My intent was nothing more than an effort to try and communicate what it was that was in my mind at the time. More specifically, the passion and fervor I had for Bible Translation and the baffling reality that millions and millions of people (250 million at last calculation) don’t even remotely have what I have. Nearly countless hundreds of language groups (1,956 at last ‘count’) that don’t even have one verse of the Bible in their language and here my language, my ‘mother tongue’ (which may or may not be obvious depending on how well you think I write, LOL), has hundreds of complete versions in different translation renderings alone!

Where was the ‘outcry’ from the ‘church’? Where were my friends hiding? Why wasn’t this the #1 hashtag on Twitter? Well, tempered reality aside, not too much has changed from my elementary musings that follow. I even approached two musician friends I was sure (hopeful) would “see” the need and ‘feel’ the burden and put music to the below cry. I even posited that they could write their own.

Well…nothing transpired. But I still have a vision and dream of pursuing such activity further in the future. Engaging the arts while engaging others to the reality that exists—that bible poverty is a very significant reality for very significant and important people all across the globe—could potentially be just one wave of awareness in a tidal wave that does in fact #endbiblepoverty

“Love In Every Language”

Every tribe, tongue, & nation
A Bible Translation

There’s a boy who is growing
Yet he’s not knowing
Of The One whose Love is Pure

A Bible Translation
Every tribe, tongue, & nation

There’s a girl who is trying
Yet she’s still crying
Out for The One whose Love is Pure

Hundreds of translations in my language alone;
Yet there are hundreds of languages that have never even known…
Of the Love, Peace, & Joy
That is found in His Word,
Coming to life for the first time in a language that has never heard.

To love in every language is to give the Word of Life to every tongue.
To love in every language is to give the Word of Life…to everyone.

The boy is a man now
and he still has not heard
That God loves him deeply,
As promised in His Word.

And for the girl who’s grown
There’s a Love she’s known,
Now she’s teaching Good News
In a language of her own.


One Response

  1. tOdd, As you know from your e-mail, I am seldom, in fact, probably have never been on this site, without Steve.  This is incredible!  I could not pas it up!  You have such writing talent, of course, I knew that back in your teen years, when I was typing your English papers.  But this, Wow!.  It too makes my heart sick to know how much I love the scriptures, and that some people have not even John 3:16 in their native tongue.  It was eye opening when I went with Cathy to the training outside of Dallas a few years ago. I still remember the quote that went something like:  ” trying to read the bible in a language that is not my own in like eating soup with a fork”.   I’m sure God will bless your heart’s desires.   Love Mom 2.

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