A Year in Country

We been here over a year now and we’d like to share some thoughts . . .


Things I got used to sooner than I thought I would:

“Swimming in the river” – Alyssa

“Walking barefoot” – Andrew

“Hearing Tok Pisin” – Alyssa

“Walking/driving on the left” – Cathy

“Hearing birds every morning” – Cathy

“Not having a hot shower in the morning” – Todd

“Smelling jasmine and gardenia frequently” – Cathy


Things I still haven’t gotten used to:

 “The talking parrot next door” – Alyssa

“Rats in the attic” – everyone

“Speaking Tok Pisin” – Andrew

“Flipping the light switch up to turn a light off” – Cathy

“Having summer sun all year” – everyone

“Cold nights. Like camping cold.” – Cathy

“Saying ‘Good night’ as a greeting” – Todd

“Candy being so expensive” – Alyssa

“Poinsettia plants the size of hydrangeas” – Cathy

“Not having a chiropractor” – everyone

“Knowing the sun RISES on the Pacific here” – Cathy


Things that were different than I thought they would be:

“Houses. I thought we would live in a village house.” – Alyssa

“Trees. Lots of the trees look like the Northwest. I expected more of a rainforest.” –Andrew

“I always saw blue trucks in Oregon and they have them here too!” – Andrew

“No bartering.” – Todd

“I didn’t know I would have so many friends here.” – Alyssa

“I didn’t know they would have unicycles here.” – Andrew

“I didn’t expect same-day medical care like we have here in the clinic.” – Todd

“We have a three-story tree house in our back yard!” – Alyssa

“They have computers at the school.” – Andrew

“The internet speed and availability is much better than we expected it to be.” – Todd

“Kids here eat vegetables.” – Cathy

“I didn’t know there was such a strong tea culture in PNG.

It brings with it a lot of sweet cracker-type treats.” – Todd


Things I really like:

“Horses!” – Andrew and Alyssa

“Tennis and riding ripsticks” – Andrew

“Swimming in the river” – Alyssa

“Burnables. I like burning the trash.” – Andrew

“All the amazing people here and the culture of community” – Cathy

“Walking to a friend’s house almost every day” – Alyssa

“No traffic jams” – Todd

“It’s sunny more than it’s cloudy.” – Cathy

“Going to the store and yard sales” – Alyssa

“Living around and interacting with Papua New Guineans” – everyone


We are thankful to be here as we continue to learn how to thrive in the part of the earth where God has placed us. Thank for the prayers and partnerships that sustain us! We are blessed to be on this journey.


4 Responses

  1. Thank you! That was a fun perspective from each/all of you. Loved it and I love all of you!

  2. Thanks for posting this. It is fun to hear your perspective and it helps put details into the picture I have of your life now. Love you guys, Lisa Clear.

  3. What a fun list! 🙂

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