Christmas #1 In Papua New Guinea

Christmas traditions and activity are a mite different here as compared to those from our home in Oregon. There are cultural nuances–both PNG’ian as well as from other expats–but the most obvious one is: weather. Essentially, it’s summer here and, as such, we’ve enjoyed the following over the past few days: singing Christmas Carols at night around a campfire, swimming in the river, wearing shorts and flip-flops, and, of course, eating watermelon. Sound familiar? 🙂

I recently read this and it pretty much sums up my feelings during this time period “What I’d like to have for Christmas I can tell you in a minute, the Family all around me and the home with laughter in it“.

As you gather–and I hope you’re able–with family and friends during this season, I pray you’ll be encouraged by our King’s Sacrifice of Love and the Promise we embrace of His Return.

The following is the annual Wycliffe Christmas Greeting video, we hope you enjoy seeing just a glimpse of what is transpiring around the world in Bible Translation.

From our home in PNG to yours–Merry Christmas!

Wycliffe Christmas Greeting – 2012


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