Updated Bible Translations stats! Wow!

So stoked AND excited (there is a difference, lol) to share the following updated stats re: Bible Translation needs throughout the world:

***For the first time ever, that number has dropped below 2,000! The new translation need number is 1,967—worth celebrating!

***For the first time there are more translation programs in progress than there are translation needs.

***With a world population of over 7 billion, the number of people without access to God’s Word in the language that serves them best is now approximately 209 million.

***More people have more access to Scripture than in any previous generation.

***Every generation before us saw the numbers increasing as more and more languages were discovered, and more translation needs were verified. Now that trend has been reversed.

***The finish line is in sight, and the last translator for the last Bible translation program is alive somewhere in the world today.
(view the info plus additional stats from Wycliffe Global Alliance)


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  1. I really enjoyed your walk to your friends village. To see you all in every day life in png living under God’s canopy of protection and provision. Thank you for obediently following and going. May it be a blessing every day to u all.

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