Leading my first Staff Stua (Store) Devotion

I led my first Staff (Papua New Guinean) Devotion time at the Stua (Store) today. After some great Praise (Lotu) & Worship and prayer time, we opened up the Word to 1 ‘Thesolonaika’ 3:1 “…that the Word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored, as happened among you” (ESV).

I said how encouraged and edified I was by being in their presence, in their country, and to see how the Word of the Lord… has come to them and to some of their Tok Ples (“Talk Place” i.e. mother tongue) and how said Word has been honored.

Such an encouragement to witness their daily diligence & a testament to their pursuit of seeing the Word sped on ahead to the other 300 languages/Tok Ples’ remaining here in PNG, the most ethno-linguistically diverse piece of land in the world.


One Response

  1. No one commented and/or noticed (hmmm…what does that say about this site/blog? LOL)…

    …but the above Scripture reference was/is supposed to be 2 Thess. 3:1, and NOT first Thess.

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