Why are we going?

Just a few days before Christmas Alyssa told me that she was unsure about going to Papua New Guinea. I think the time of training in Dallas, TX that we recently returned from was a small experience of what the distance will feel like. She asked why we are going. I told her because that’s what God has for us. But she wanted to know how we know that.

This seems like a good place to start . . . how do we know?

Neither Todd nor I ever stayed up late dreaming of living in another country. Neither of us studied missions in college. I did go on several short term teams but Todd has never left the country except for vacations in Mexico. So how do we end up saying “yes” to two years overseas in a malaria ridden tropical rain forest?

For the last fifteen years or so, Todd and I have been pursuing what we know as “Edifactory.” It’s a creative word to describe being in the business of building up the body of Christ. This vision has driven all of our life choices in the past and it is the vision that has brought us to Wycliffe. Our heart is to use the gifts and talents we have to build up the body of Christ. We had often wondered where this might take us. We had never considered missions because we did not know how well it fit into our vision.

When God began closing the doors at Christian Supply for Todd he also opened a door to Wycliffe through some visiting missionaries at our church. It was then that we learned about support roles and that managers and teachers were needed overseas. The more we prayed about this, the more it kept coming up in front of us. At one point we tried to push the whole idea aside and look somewhere else, but Wycliffe kept coming up.

The easiest way to explain our direction is “peace.” We have peace about moving forward and so each step of the way we’ve continued to move forward. There is fear of the unknown. There is definitely fear of raising our kids in a world so different than what we knew growing up, but there is also peace.

There is peace that God has a team of people to partner with us through prayer and finances and there is peace that his timing on when we go is best. There is peace that in a few years perhaps Alyssa will better understand how we know.



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